How to install viva video app

You can install viva video app if you want to make unlimited videos on your smart phone. It is totally free of cost. You can install vivavideo it on your android smart phones, tablets and other gadgets.

Here, we are explaining the essential steps which you need to follow in order to install this video editing app.

First of all, go to the Google play store. After that install it on your device and wait until it is installed completely. Now, start this app and make amazing videos and collages. After installation you can give recommendations to the developers. You can also submit your complains.

It is very easy to install it. For iPhone and other Apple devices, go to iTunes. There you will find this viva video app. Download it on your device. It is very easy and simple to install. It has no technicalities.

How to use movie HD app

Movie HD app is very easy to use. It has great attributes. It works efficiently on all devices. Anyone can use it.

This application is designed especially for people who wants to watch movies with a good print. It has excellent moviehd collection of movies.

As we have discussed the installation methods. Now, we will shed some light on its usage. After installing this app click on the app icon if you want to use it. First of all you can sort your movies and TV shows according to your choice.

You can arrange them according to your level of ease. It allows its showbox app users to select a movie or a TV show and favorite it. So, you can watch them later. It allows its users to download shows on devices. Users are allowed to search shows by their category. This is considered as the best app for all devices.

Cartoon HD App – Best App For Kids

Kids love to watch cartoon series all the time. Whatever time they can spare the just sit in front of the TV screen and start watching their favorite cartoon serials. Looking at the popularity of some cartoon characters, a number of animation movies have also emerged as a great entertainment material for kids. There are a number of animation movies starring various famous cartoon characters that have become famous all over the world. Now you can access all these cartoon serials and animation movies as well as other movies and videos by installing Cartoon HD app on your Android or iOS device. cartoon hd apk

You can even download and install this app on your Windows PC or Windows smartphones or devices. You may need help from an Android emulator such as Blue Stacks in order to download and install Cartoon HD app on your PC. The good thing is that both Blue Stacks as well as Cartoon HD app is free to download and use.

Features of vidmate app

The vidmate app has many features that the client can benefit vidmate download from and the user can use it to download the favorite videos or movies free of charge without having to pay for anything and it can be used to download the movie from different platforms such as Soundcloud, Facebook and Youtube. The apk is free video downloader and you can use it in order to download the favorite videos

The user may download the app in the apk file or from the Google play store using different links. The app is found in small sizes and it is packed with many powerful performances with the high speed downloading. It is able to support different version of the videos and it includes the 2.2 Android Operating system and many more. It is able to support over 300,000 with songs or video in many languages and this includes the regional languages. The downloader can be used to download the movies or the videos in the format you like most.

The program those are compatible with the movie box app

The Moviebox is the free online video and it helps the people who want to get the movie on demand and it is available on the iOS Apple devices or on the Cydia. Other devices are iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and the iOS or other higher options. The app lets the user to download and to stream the movies with the moviebox TV shows without paying for anything. It can come from the RedBox, Netflix or Hulu and other similar services. The movie box is now a must for the people who likes movies or who are TV addicts.

Download Here

You can now watch all the latest movies and the tv shows including the movie trailers online without paying for anything and by using only a single app on the device that will not lead to any problem. It is easy to use the app and the search results can be sorted according to the genre, the ratings and the year that they were out.


Music Paradise Pro – For A Better Music Listening Experience

If you own an Android phone or Tablet, you must know about Google Play Music, this is the default app which allows you to listen to your music paradise favorite music anytime you want. Google Play Music comes installed in all the Android devices; however you do not necessarily have to use this default app.

There are plenty of other music players available on the Google Play Store that you can download for free and listen or download your favorite music anytime you want, Music Paradise Pro is one such app. It comes with some great features and a cool look. You can even play with the looks of this app and fully customize it the way you want with the provided themes.
Music Paradise Pro also comes with a 5-band equalizer, you can adjust the bass and terrible of your favorite music they way you want using this powerful equalizer.

Xender – At A Glance

Whether you own an Android device or an iOS or Windows based device, you may feel the need to transfer different formats of files from one device to another. Most often than not, you will resort to using the Bluetooth feature or a xender app data cable to accomplish this task.

However, things have changed a lot over the past few years and now you do not necessarily need a data cable or use your Bluetooth feature to do the file transfers. Xender is an app for the smart devices that has now replaced the data cables and Bluetooth utility. These days, Xender is considered as the most powerful app for file sharing and transfer across different platforms.

There is simply no limit to the type, size or format of files that you can transfer or share between different smart devices using Xender. There are more than 80 million smart device users in the world who are using this app and it is available in 30 different languages.

How to Use Find Me an Artist

STEP 1 – Photographing Your Art
These are important things to know about Photographing your art.
Light & Film:
1) You should use film that is toned to match the type of light you use to photograph your art.

If you photograph your art outside, you should use standard outdoor film.

2) If you photograph your art inside, you should use Tungsten toned film. This film is designed to counteract the warmth that tungsten gas lighting casts on your art. Tungsten gas lighting includes standard light bulbs, but not fluorescent lighting. I would probably avoid florescent lighting for photographic art.

3) Professional Photographers generally use special lights that simulate sunlight, as this is the only way to get a true representation of the actual color of the art. If you are trying to save money on this, I would strongly recommend that you photograph your art outside.

Light Direction:
The direction of the light source from your art is very important. The light should not be directly in front of the image. It works best if the light is at a 45 degree angle from the image. It is also nice if there are two light sources. One on each side of the image, both at 45 degree angles from the work.

If your photographing your work outside, it works well to photograph you’re art in indirect sunlight, but not in deep shadow, or direct sunlight. Usually a porch, or an awning work well. You must always check to make sure that there aren’t any brightly colored objects near that will contribute reflected light or project color on to the art.

Be sure to observe the angles of the edges of your art in the cameras view finder, it is easy for these edges to distort. Try to line the edges of the work up with the sides of the view finder.

It is also a good idea to use a tripod, as it makes a much clearer photograph if you can eliminate any camera movement.

Copy Stand:
You can purchase an inexpensive Copy stand to photograph medium to small pieces for about $100 from an art supply store, or a camera store. These usually include light fixtures, and a bracket to mount your camera on. This might be a wise investment if you plan on photographing alot of art.

Important – Most Copy stand light sorces are tungsten, and you need to purchase tungsten toned film to get the proper color rendition. Tungsten film is available at most camera stores, but not generally at grocery stores, or department stores

STEP 2 – Prepare your images
Your images have to be in a format that will work on the Internet. These formats are Jpeg, which has a .jpg extension, and Gif, which has a .gif extension. All image editors will allow you to save your pictures in these formats. You have to use the save as command, and select jpeg or gif from the available file formats.

Gifs are 8 bit (256 colors) – they are not very effective for photographic images.

Jpegs are 24 bit (16.8 million colors) – this format was designed for photographs. You can choose the level of compression. Low compression makes the file size bigger, but the image stays high quality. High compression makes the image size small, but causes a degradation in the quality of the image.

Resolution: Your images should be screen resolution. 72 dpi is standard screen resolution. The image should be 500 pixels wide or smaller. 7″ at 72 dpi is 504 pixels wide.
Capture the image:
Scan your images at screen resolution (72dpi). Most scanners come with software that allows you to set the screen resolution, or the image size, or the pixel width. Many scanners use TWAIN drivers, which allow you to scan into your favorite image editing software.

2. Digital cameras usually produce images at acceptable resolutions, but if the images exceed 500 pixels wide, you may need to use an image editor to reduce the size.
3. You can have your film processor put your pictures on a Photo Disk. This is a CD rom with high quality scans of your pictures on the disk. These images have to be converted to a gif or a jpeg before you can use them.
Image editors: There are hundreds of great image editors. Chances are, that your scanner or your digital camera came with one. I will list a few of the better ones below.
Adobe Photo Shop – The king! (around $500)
Corel Photo Paint – Very Very Good! Big Bang for the Buck (around $100)
Fractal Design Painter – Fantastic! – For the creative! (around $300)
Paint Shop Pro from JASC – Cheep but Good! – Shareware – Well worth $70
Macromedia Fireworks – WOW! soon to be the king. (around $200)
Adobe Photo Deluxe – Good but limited – Comes with many scanners
Ulead Photo Impact – Good – Comes with many scanners
Step 3 – Joining Find Me an Artist
Proceed to the register page of the Find Me an Artist web site, and fill out the form. This is free, and allows you to create your on-line portfolio.

About Find Me An Artist

Find Me An Artist neither judges nor juries the art we showcase. Our sole purpose is to provide Artists, whether flourishing, emerging, student or child, a platform for exposing their works of art to the world. We collect neither commissions, nor fees from the Artists represented on our site.


Before Find Me An Artist, the discovery of talent was determined by time and circumstance. Now it’s an unrestricted arena. In a truly Democratic realm ALL Artists can make the connection to those who appreciate their offerings. ALL Artists now have access to unlimited exposure! They control the creation and content of their online portfolios.

Collectors have access to limitless creative sources. As a visitor to our site, you can contact the source of your visual treasure directly.

As you peruse our galleries, someone may come to mind, as a visitor or an Artist who could benefit from this site. Share the excitement !!